Use Paint to Make Your Room Look as Good as New

It is often thought that to make your home look chic or up to date, there will be a great expense, but that simply is not true.  Adding a fresh coat of paint can rejuvenate an old room quickly and cheaply.  Continue reading this article to learn how to paint a room the right way so that it looks professionally done.

The first step you must take to ensure that your paint job looks professional is to fix any issues that may exist in the wall or ceiling.  If you have cracks or holes in your wall, you should fix those with dry wall putty.  Apply the putty to the affected area and smooth it out, leaving a small excess amount, and allow it to dry.  Once the putty has dried, go back to each area and sand it down to be even with the wall.  It is best to wait 24 hours to ensure that the putty has dried completely before you attempt to sand it down.  If your wall has cracks that are too large to be fixed with the putty alone, you can get a screen like material at your local hardware store that will allow the putty to fill in the gap.  If you are unsure of how to use it, it comes with very specific instructions to ensure that a home improvement amateur should have no problem using the product.

If you have stucco paint that exists in the room, or if there are any trouble areas that are rougher than others, you should sand them down.  It is easiest to apply paint to a room that has a smooth texture on the walls, and the results will  look far more professional.  If you are removing a textured paint from your walls, it will be easier if you use an electronic sanding machine.  This will save you a great deal of time and can be purchased or rented from your local hardware store.  If you want a truly professional look, do not skip this step.

The next step is to clean the entirety of the wall’s surface.  Oil from finger prints and dirt will keep the paint from applying correctly.  Use a mild soap and water to remove the oils and dirt and allow the walls to dry before you continue on to the next step.

Finally, before you start painting, be sure to tape off all of the borders where you do not want the paint to touch.  You should also lay a drop cloth down on your flooring to prevent damage from any paint that might drip.  There is nothing worse that ruining things when you are trying to improve your home.  If you can not remove certain large pieces of furniture from the room on your own, be sure to cover them as well with a drop cloth.

If you put the tips in this article to use, you will surely have the professional look that you want after you are done painting your room.  Now it is time to start painting to get the fresh look you are after.