Six Ideas for Improving the Value of Your Home

When you purchased your home you could probably see some things that needed a change for the better.  After living there a while you have likely noticed a few more improvements that could be made.  There are some updates which not only make your home easier to live in, but usually add more value than they cost.

The kitchen is one of the most lived in rooms in the house, and updating your kitchen gives instant added value.  Unless your kitchen is short on space to work with, you should not have to remove any walls.  Many times just removing the wall between the kitchen and adjoining room gives a more open feel to the room.  Make sure the wall is not a supporting structure before you consider removing it.  Refacing your cabinets, replacing out-dated appliances and adding new counter tops can make your kitchen look nearly new.

Old and out-dated bathrooms detract from the value of your home, and are often one of the easiest rooms to change.  A new sink base and top are quite easy to install and most homeowners can do it themselves.  They are also relatively inexpensive unless you go for the top of the line.  Since the size of most bathrooms is relatively small, replacing the flooring does not cost a lot.  You may want to just put down new vinyl or take it up a step and use tile for a nice upgrade.  If the bathtub and shower enclosure look old and stained you can find a company to reface them.  The result is a tub and shower that look new with no unsightly seams to leak and collect mold.

A casual living area can be added in the basement, over the garage or as an addition.  If you live in a relatively mild climate, a screened in porch is great for entertaining and every day use.  If your basement is already finished just add some nice carpet and furniture to create a room to relax.  A television and possibly a pool table or game tables make this a great room for entertainment.

One of the nicest casual living areas is a deck for grilling or just relaxing in the sun.  A retractable awning can also be added to shade your deck when the sun is too strong, creating a shady retreat to enjoy on a warm afternoon.  Some decks extend around the side of the house to include access to the kitchen and possibly the master bedroom.

Most homes today have more than one bathroom.  If your home has only one bath, adding a second one will boost the value of your home considerably.  Finding the space for an additional bath without adding on may be a problem, but just adding a half bath still increases the value of your home.

Many home buyers look for energy efficient houses to consider purchasing.  Investing in new energy efficient appliances not only reduces your energy costs now, but add value to your home if you decide to sell it.

You may not be financially able to make all the home improvements listed in this article, but if you can do even one the value of your home will increase.  Plan carefully and you can enjoy the benefit of your updated home for a long time.