Measuring and Marking Wood or Boards

Tools to Use for measuring and marking wood or boards

For this DIY job, you will need a tape measure, a sharp pencil or trimming knife, a try square, and a portable workbench or other firm work surface.

Steps to measure and mark wood or boards

  1. Hook the end of your tape measure over one end of the wood you’re measuring.
  2. Pull the tape out beyond the length you want to measure.
  3. Make a pencil or knife mark on the wood in the right place.
  4. Check the measurement to make sure it’s accurate.
  5. On wood or boards more than about 150 mm/ 6 in wide, make several length marks and join them up with a pencil and ruler.
  6. Hold the try square with its wooden stock pressed against the edge of the wood and its blade aligned with the length mark.
  7. Mark the cutting line on the wood along the blade of the try square, then turn the wood on edge and continue the line down each face.
  8. On manufactured boards, measure from adjoining edges of the board to mark the two cutting lines, and use the try square to check that these lines are at right angles.

Measuring wood