Keep Or Toss: The Fate Of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets not only serve as storage space for your needs, but also as a focal point for your kitchen area. You can update the look of your kitchen by simply replacing your cabinets or giving them a facelift. Below are some ideas to consider before making your final decision of whether or not to keep your current cabinets.

Cabinets cost a lot of money! Depending on your budget, this may or may not be a problem for you. Choosing to give your cabinets a facelift can be just as dramatic and effective as choosing to purchase new ones. You can save a lot of money and headaches by keeping the cabinets you currently have.

The cabinets manufactured present day are usually of much poorer quality than the ones purchased 20 or 30 years ago. Older cabinets usually contain high quality wood, making them optimal for resurfacing and then repainting. If you live in an older home, preserving older cabinetry can actually add charm to your space.

Replacing the cabinets in your kitchen automatically means that you will need someplace to temporarily use as your kitchen area. This may mean days or even weeks of work going on in your kitchen, and you will have to sacrifice space.

The best place to probably order cabinets in a finish you want with the look you want is online. There are hundreds of retailers from which to choose, but they will all charge for the cost of shipping. We all know how expensive shipping costs can be, and that will greatly impact the budget you may have set aside for your new cabinets. Most companies charge for installing cabinetry unless you spend a certain amount of money, and that means more money coming out of your wallet. Taxes are another thing to consider with new cabinets. Depending on where you live, you either pay more taxes or less, but one thing is certain, you will pay.

Unless your current cabinets are in poor or beat up condition, chances are that they are fully functional in their current state. The only reason most people want to change their cabinets or purchase new ones is just to give their kitchen a more updated and modern look. This means that the cabinets you have right now can serve their purpose with a simple facelift.

Cabinets are usually sold as sets or measured in a way such that they incorporate space for your oven, refrigerator and dishwasher as well as working with other parts of your kitchen. Removing your current cabinetry can create unwanted space or minimize the space you currently have if you don’t find replacement cabinets with the same measurements as the old ones. Removing old cabinets can also damage parts of your wall resulting in the need to replaster and paint.

The way your kitchen looks can easily be updated with a bucket of good paint and perhaps new hardware for your cabinets, so do not be in a hurry to throw it all away. If your kitchen functions well as it is right now and you trust your old cabinets, give them a facelift and save some money. If your cabinets are old, beyond repair and don’t work for you, that is the time when you should replace them.