How to update your older home

Older homes often have a lot of history to them – many families may have lived in them over the years, and much joy and happiness has likely been expressed within their walls. But many old homes can feel dated when things like the carpet and siding are old as well. Are you interested in updating the look of your old house? If you are, this article will be a good starting place for you!

Carpet that has been around for several decades will not only give your room a dated look, but chances are pretty good that it has attracted a lot of interesting odors over the years. Have you ever considered replacing your carpet? Getting rid of old, dated carpet can be one of the most transformative things you can do to a room; once you have torn up the carpet, you have several different options. You can replace your old, musty carpet with nice, new carpet, for starters. Lighter colored carpet will often make your room seem larger than darker colored carpet would, but the tradeoff is that lighter colored carpet will show dirt much more readily than darker colored carpet will. Another option available is to either put in hardwood floors or, if the flooring underneath the carpet is in good shape, put a nice stain on that.

Is there any wood paneling in your house? Wood paneling is a clear indicator that your house is behind the times; it was popular several decades earlier, but will now give a room a very dated feel. If you do have wood paneling, take it down and you will likely be pleased with how much more modern your room seems. Likewise, evaluate the wall paper you have in your house. Is it in good shape, or is it peeling and stained? Does it look current, or gaudy? Stripping off old wallpaper and either repapering the walls or putting on some nice paint can make a big difference.

If your house is older, chances are very good that the siding on your house is older, too. This can have a very unappealing impact on your house’s appearance! Additionally, you may be paying far more in heating and cooling bills than you would with more modern, efficient siding. Schedule an appointment to see how much it might cost to replace your old siding with new siding.

Often times, you can really spruce up the appearance of your house by making small changes that will add up. Putting new handles on cabinets, for example, or putting up some nice modern pictures can add a nice decorative touch to a room.

We wish you luck in your endeavors with your house! Making over an older home can take work and dedication, but it is an excellent undertaking if you wish to add to your home’s visual appeal. Tackle your projects one at a time, and you will soon have a home that is appealing to the eye.