How To Turn Painting Into A Fun Project

When people think of painting, they generally don’t see it is as fun and prolong getting started. What many don’t realize is that painting can be an enjoyable experience, especially when you don’t think of it as a chore. Use the tips below to find the perfect balance between work and fun on your next painting project.

Turning on some music that is upbeat and happy can in fact make the work go faster. You won’t focus on the task at hand so much and you will enjoy some music while getting the job done. Even if you aren’t a fan of pop or upbeat music, consider it for your next project as motivation!

Getting some friends or family members to help out is a sure way that you will not only get the work done, but you will have company and a great time. Being alone is no way to feel motivated about getting your painting work done. Don’t leave too much time to ponder, get some friends to help you and you are sure to have a fresh new space!

If you are painting the ceiling a different color or making a design that involves lines and stripes, consider using painters tape. This type of tape is highly affordable and widely available. However, it is important that you only purchase tape that is easily removable, but also prevents paint from leaking under it. Many tapes may seem too good to be true in price and often are. Spend that little extra and invest in painters tape that won’t cause you frustration.

Put down a tarp or some type of covering on the floor. Painting walls can leave an icky mess behind which makes it important that you make sure you take preventative measures. Your local home hardware stores sell plenty of affordable tarps that you can use. If you don’t wish to spend money at all, consider putting down trash bags laid on top of one another or some leftover newspaper.

The clothes you wear for painting should be ones that you won’t mind throwing out later. Wear some old clothes that no longer fit you well or have been washed too much to be appropriate to wear in public. If you are worried about getting anything on your clothes altogether, get a large trash bag and cut a hole for your head on top and a hole on each side for your arms; this is an affordable way to protect your clothing.

Most people like to use oil-based paint, but that makes it hard to paint over it in a new color. However, as technology has evolved, so has paint. There are widely available paints that already contain primer as well, cutting down the time you need to spend on painting as well as the costs. One of the most common choices for paint and primer in one is by a brand called Behr, which is available at most home hardware stores.

Having a good time and sharing a joke or two while painting can keep your spirits up! This is why it is important to have company over who cannot only help you paint, but keeps you entertained while you work. Consider calling it a painting party and send some invitations out.

Giving your home a new paint job creates a beautiful environment that many will envy and you will want to spend time in. Painting may seem like a chore, but when you’re having fun, you won’t notice the work involved. Apply the tips from this article and your next painting session will be a fruitful and enjoyable one!