How to Improve Your Home Without Spending a Bundle

Most people would like to do at least some updates on their home, but think they cannot afford to do so.  Unless the improvement you need to do is a big project, there are lots of affordable ways you can give your home a fresh look.  The information in this article can give you some ideas where to begin.

Paint is probably the least expensive way to give your home a new look.  Even though doing a good paint job takes some knowledge and talent, you can probably get it done if you educate yourself about the correct way to use paint.  If the interior of your house seems dark and depressing, choose a lighter shade and you will be amazed to see how the rooms look larger and more inviting.  If you are considering bright or intense colors, you should consult with a decorator first.

Many smaller improvement projects can be done yourself. Most home improvement stores can provide literature about the correct way to install flooring, wall coverings and interior cabinets.  Replacing your doors and windows or exterior siding may be beyond your ability, but if you have family members or friends who are familiar with construction, there is a possibility you could hire them to work with you on those projects.

Home improvement stores usually have a section where slightly damaged items are available at a discounted price.  Very often the scratch or dent is not in an area that will be noticed once the item is installed.  Slight damage on the side of an appliance is not an issue once it is installed next to cabinets.  There are also great deals to be found in carpet and vinyl remnants for smaller rooms.

Before you make the decision to replace items already in your home, consider whether or not they could be salvaged with some work.  Kitchen cabinets can be refaced with great success if the framework is solid and they are oriented the way you want them.  You may be able to remove and refinish the doors yourself with very little expense.  New cabinet knobs or handles are an inexpensive update which can give your cabinets a whole new look.

Once you are finished updating the walls and flooring in your home, you can begin adding those accessory items to finish the room.  Adding throw pillows, lamps and area rugs to support your new color scheme can add that decorator look to your home.

First impressions are important and the curb appeal of your home depends on the right landscape plan.  You can work with the landscaping already there by adding a few strategically placed plants and shrubs, or start all over with a completely new plan.  Ask experienced friends and family members for advice, and also if they have any plants they need to divide.  Check with greenhouses in the fall for shrubs which have been marked down before winter.  This is a great time for planting, but do not wait until cold weather in late fall.

You can improve your home considerably by starting with the smaller things you can afford.  Using the ideas in this article, take one project at a time and finish it before starting on another.  Within just a few years, your home can look much better without you needing to spend more than you can afford.