DIY Motorcycles Basic Maintenance

Some basic DIY on motorcycles maintenance which will ensure safety and trouble free.

Checking Motorcycles

  • Checking mechanical brakes. Look at the brake cables to see if they have stretched. If so, have them adjusted.
  • Checking hydraulic brakes. Examine the brakes to ensure that they are not leaking fluid.
  • Inspecting wheels. Regularly check the nuts and bolts on wheels to make sure that they are sufficiently tight.
  • Examining treads. Follow the tread pattern all around each tire to ensure that the pattern is complete. If parts of it have worn away, replace the tire.
  • Maintaining an engine. Have the engine serviced regularly so that it works efficiently.

Loading Motorcycles
Carrying luggage safely on a motorcycle is important.

Make sure load luggage on to a motorcycle so that it will not interfere with the flow of air around you while you are in motion. The load should be no wider than the rider, and should not overbalance the rear of the motorcycle. Ensure that the luggage does not hamper the wheels.

Below are the items you need to be sure:

  • Load is balanced over rear wheel so that weight is supported
  • Saddle space is clear for rider
  • Bag on tank is clear of handlebars
  • Panniers are compact to minimize wind resistance
  • Load is clear of exhaust pipe
  • Tires are well inflated to cope with extra load