DIY Car Basic Maintenance

How to maintain your car using a basic DIY method which is cheap and safe.

Maintaining Cars

  • Correcting problems
    • As soon as you notice a problem, arrange to have it repaired. Do not ignore it, even if the problem seems only minor.
  • Building up a tool set
    • When buying tools, start with only the items that you will need for basic maintenance. Buy additional tools only if you are sure that you will use them regularly.
  • Cleaning interiors
    • If you or any regular passengers suffer from car sickness, spray the interior of your car with antistatic spray after cleaning. This will stop the accumulation of static electricity, which can make some people feel ill.

Making Regular Checks on Car

Inspecting a car:
Make the following checks to ensure that your car is in good condition and safe to drive.

  • Brakes. Test the brakes. Top up brake fluid if necessary.
  • Glass. Ensure that all mirrors and windows are clean.
  • Lights. Ensure that all lights work. Replace blown bulbs.
  • Tires. Check that trend is not damaged or overly worn.
  • Oil. Check the oil level, and top up if necessary.
  • Radiator. Check water level. Top up if necessary.
  • Battery. Check fluid level. Add distilled water if necessary.

Preparing to drive a car:
Immediately before driving a car, always carry out the following safety checks.

  • Doors. Check that all doors are securely closed.
  • Driving seat. Ensure that you are comfortable. Check that you can see all around and that you can reach controls.
  • Mirrors. Make sure that rear view and wing mirrors are all correctly adjusted.
  • Fuel. Check that you have enough fuel for the journey.
  • Seat belts. Make sure that you and any passengers are wearing seat belts.