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Essential Bicycle Maintenance Equipments

Some of the essential equipments and parts required for a DIY bicycle maintenance The equipment shown below is necessary for general cleaning tasks and simple repairs. Refer to a bicycle manual to see if you will need any specialized tools for carrying out repairs. Long Handle Brush Flat Tipped Screwdriver Cloth Multi-Tool Electrical Tape Adjustable […]

DIY Bicycle Basic Maintenance

Basic DIY bicycle maintenance for safety Maintaining Bicycles Bicycles are a convenient, environmentally friendly from of transport. Bicycles need much less care than cars or motorcycles, but you must maintain them properly to keep them in peak running condition. Be sure to protect a bicycle from theft whenever you are not using it. Checking Bicycles […]

DIY Motorcycles Basic Maintenance

Some basic DIY on motorcycles maintenance which will ensure safety and trouble free. Checking Motorcycles Checking mechanical brakes. Look at the brake cables to see if they have stretched. If so, have them adjusted. Checking hydraulic brakes. Examine the brakes to ensure that they are not leaking fluid. Inspecting wheels. Regularly check the nuts and […]

DIY Car Basic Maintenance

How to maintain your car using a basic DIY method which is cheap and safe. Maintaining Cars Correcting problems As soon as you notice a problem, arrange to have it repaired. Do not ignore it, even if the problem seems only minor. Building up a tool set When buying tools, start with only the items […]